Kaleed ul Tauheed Kalan (The Key of Divine Oneness (Detailed))

Tauheed, literally meaning the Divine Oneness, is the basic pillar and foundation of Islam. Common Muslims consider that the requirement of this most important pillar of Islam is fulfilled just by declaring  “La illaha ilAllahoo” i.e. “No one is worthy of worship but Allah” by tongue and superficially believing that Allah is the Creator, Master and Sustainer of every creation and only He should be worshipped. They neither know the essence of Tauheed nor verify it inwardly. That is why the Holy Prophet said;

Meaning: There are many who recite the creedverbally but only a few say it sincerely.

For the Mystics, Tauheed means that only Allah exists and none else. They become one with The One and see Divine Oneness everywhere. They love, fear and trust only Allah, entrust all their matters to Him and keep their hopes only in Him which is the essence of Tauheed. The book “Kaleed-ul-Tauheed” meaning “The Key of Divine Oneness” and its teachings are a source to reach the veritable Tauheed through the medium of perfect spiritual guide of Sultan Bahoo’s Sarwari Qadri order. Without strengthening the foundation of Islam i.e. Tauheed, it is impossible to fulfill other obligations as Allah desires.

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