Nur-ul-Huda Kalan (The Light of Divine Guidance)

Nur-ul-Huda Kalan (The Light of Divine Guidance)

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Nur-ul-Huda (The Light of Divine Guidance) is an exceptional work by the great Saint of Sub-continent Sultan Bahoo containing grand treasures of mysticism. As the name depicts, it is light of right guidance for all who seek it. Sultan Bahoo himself elaborates the grandeur of book in these words;

“Know that by reading this mystical work based on Divine words, the reader is certainly immersed in the state of annihilation in Allah and reaches the essence of secret of ‘Be’. The words of this mystical work speak and by their efficacy, the reader gains enlightenment, insight, inward purification, spiritual unification and guidance towards the Divine secrets. No doubt, the discussion in this mystical work instantly takes the seeker to the Divine presence granting him the Miraj and closeness of Allah that leads to gnosis and Divine observations and shows him the spectacle of both the worlds making him aware of every state.”

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