The Spiritual Reality of Hajj

This Book  is the rarest attempt of its kind which brings out the true purpose of performing the basic obligation of Islam called Hajj. It delivers a guidance to any true seeker of Reality and discloses that the spiritual purpose of Hajj is not only to perform the outward rituals with complete submission to Allah but gaining the spiritual experiences of Divine presence and observation. The book opens one’s eyes to the reality that the outward journey of Hajj is resemblant to the inward journey towards Allah and is an emphasis on the fact that the worship of Hajj, when performed with the presence of heart, is a way of attaining the ultimate closeness to Allah in the worldly life. The book clarifies the misunderstood concept of shariah in the modern world that Hajj is limited only to certain rituals and convinces the reader to deliberate that Islam and Mysticism embrace each other. Following the pure form of shariah is beginning of the road which leads to the recognition of Allah.

Published by Sultan ul Faqr Publications
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